First time blanket patterns?

I have been knitting for about a year now and think I am experienced enough to start a blanket. I find that it’s easier to just knit squares and piece them all together. Does anyone know of any good patterns? I want an easy blanket because I want it done by December. Thanks for all your answers! I’m sure they’ll be great!!!:woot::cheering:

here’s a few
these 3 you can do any size, several to sew together or make as just one bigger square.

There are some ideas in this thread, too

If you’re looking for something afghan size you might want to try this:

It’s quite simple. Just make sure you’re gauge is right so that all of your squares are the same size. If not it gets quite messy (that’s what happened to me… it was my first attempt at a patchwork project :slight_smile: )