First time blanket maker

I’m ready to start my first blanket - I’ve been debating circular needles vs panels. Any suggestions on which is easier for just starting with blankets? I know it will change the look of the blanket, that is fine. I’m just wanted to make a blanket. Any advice would be great!

How big do you expect your finished blanket to be? A baby blanket worked in one piece is much easier than a larger one worked in one piece. I use circulars for all my knitting.

Do you have a particular pattern in mind?

Yes, depends on how big the blanket is. If using panels I would use circular so I can join each panel in using the pick up stitches method with the new colour.
If ur planning to make in one peice I would still use circular as you can fit more Stitches on the needles as well as the project resting on the tube/cord/wire taking a weight away from your needles and wrists

It’s personal choice really. A full size blanket can be done on one long cable, but it will be heavy. I hate seaming so would probably try it, but panels would certainly be easier to hold.

From working many no seam sweaters in the round I don’t think the weight would be an issue with circulars. When it gets large most of the weight is laying in your lap. I could add as many stitches to the sweater as I wanted and all of the added weight is down the cables laying in my lap.
There will be a lot of shifting. At least with a sweater that just amounts to picking it up so it recenters.

I do have a large blanket started but it’s a light yarn. I don’t see any problems starting.

Large crochet blankets, which I have done in heavy yarn, are the same way. The weight is where you’re working, the rest is in your lap.
Straight needles would be a different story, then you would be holding all the stitches on the needles.