First time binding off!

I’m almost finished with my very first knitting project - a lovely pink wool scarf (in mistake rib stitch).

I used the double cast-on method to start, but I’m not sure which binding-off method I should use so the ends match.

Help me oh knitting divas!

Try the K1P1 BO…
Video One
Video Two
Of course, you’d have to alter the K1P1 to K2P2 for the BO rib to match… :wink:

If you’ve never bound anything off before, I highly recommend using a crochet hook in your right hand instead of the needle…slipping the stitches over each other can be a little tricky at first!

oooh…this is good to know…I’ll (hopefully) be binding off that scarf sometime in the near future.

Oh the crochet hook idea is great! I just bound off my first scarf, and it was sloooow going. :slight_smile: