First Thing I Ever Knit! (A Scarf)

Well, took me about 2 weeks, but I did it!

Sorry the pictures are not the greatest quality.

I made it for my mom <3

:woot: Congrats on your first knitted item! It looks great and your mom will love it :thumbsup:

It looks great! I bet she loves it!

Great job!!


Good for you…and brave to start with two color changes! We call that an FO…Finished Object

It’s official, you’re a knitter!

HEHEHEHE I remember my first knit project I was so proud of it. Trust me yours is much better then mine was for sure. Mine looking back was horrid :rofl: it was made with cheap yarn and it was this terrible greenish color like teal and black and it looked bad. You did a great job!!! :muah: :grphug:

I’ll bet your mom is proud to be the recipient of the first thing you ever knit. I know I would be. Your scarf turned out very well. Keep at it and have a lot of fun.

Great job! That’s seriously amazing for your first knitted thing :thumbsup:

:happydance: Looks very nice! Congratulations on completing your first project.

GREAT job!

I’m always amazed when someone makes a scarf as their first project. I would never have had the fortitude to learn on something that long!

Welcome to KH too! :hug:

Excellent job on your first scarf! :thumbsup:

Great job! You did an awesome job and you’re Mom will love it!:happydance:

Super :thumbsup:. She’ll love it.

I love the color change on the ends. Very nice job.:cheering:

Thats a lovely cheery colour! Congrats. What is next???

Great scarf :slight_smile: I love the colors :cheering: