First sweater

Hi all,

I’m a new knitter, and I love it! I’m about to tackle my first sweater. I’m using the pattern #1304

The pattern has this note at the beginning.

• Slip first st at beg of each row as if to knit.[/COLOR]

So, do I really slip the first stitch at the beginning of each and every row? In the instructions it tells me to slip a stitch sometimes so I’m confused. See below…

[COLOR=“blue”]Cast on 87 (95, 107, 129) sts.Work in garter stitch (knit all
rows) for 8 rows. Next row (RS) Slip 1 st, k to end. Next row
(WS) Slip 1, k 5, p to last 6 sts, k 6. Repeat last 2 rows 7
times more.Work even in stockinette stitch for 3".[/COLOR]

I’m eager to start the project, but want to know if I should be slipping the stitch on every row or not. Thanks for the help!

Hi Courtney,

Good luck on your first sweater. I’m in the middle of my first one too.

That’s a good question. I know some knitters recommend you slip the first stitch of all rows to keep that first stitch from getting really loose.

I don’t do that; I got a hint from the Knitting Answer book that works better for me. I pull the second ladder between the first and second stitches and that tightens the stitch enough for me.

It looks like this pattern is bordering the stockinette stitch with a garter stitch the first first rows and the first and last few stitches of a row. I guess the garter stitch keeps the stockinette from curling.

Slipping the first st is to make a neater edge, but if you’re going to be seaming that edge, it doesn’t really matter. Many people find that a slipped st edge makes it more difficult to sew up. Gently tugging the yarn after you’ve made the first st in the row will help prevent loose sts at the edge.