First sweater

Hello. I just posted this on the wrong forum. (oops!) I think I have it right now. :rollseyes: Well, I finished my first cardigan last month for my daughter, but I just got the photo back. Here it is…

Oooh! Pretty! What yarn is that? Good job!

Thanks, Ingrid. I used Red Heart acrylic “Banana Berry”. (My daughter picked it out, of course!)

Great Job! Do you have a link or name for the pattern? I love the colors and the style. Congrats! :cheering:

I got the pattern from a book called “Hip Knits”. It is the “Totally-tied Jacket” (but I didn’t do the ties). Thanks! :XX:

Cute! I like the colors.

Very cute! :thumbsup:

Great colours!

:happydance: Great job!!! I posted to ya under the general forum too :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

VERY cute!!

You did an excellent job…love it, love the colors, I know your daughter must wear it all of the time :smiley:

Thanks so much for all the kind compliments, everyone! What a bunch of sweethearts here! :blush: