First sweater

I’m knitting my first adult sweater and I’m a bit confused on how to start. I understand the different sizes and which number i need to follow. I am following the third size. Here is the pattern…

[B]Pattern Stitch[/B]
Eyelet ST(mulitple of 8 sts +5)
Row 1 (RS) k1*yo, CDD,yo,k5, rep from * across , end last rep k1 instead of k5
Row 2 purl across
Row 3 knit across
Row 4 Purl across
Rep Rows 1-4 for pat.

Beg pat(RS): K1(1,[B]0[/B],3…) (edge sts, keep in St st throughout), work in eyelet St pat across center 53(61,[B]69[/B],69,…) sts, end k1(1,[B]0[/B],3,…)(edge sts, keep in St st throughout). This is basically where I am lost to start i guess.

Continue to work even as established until back measures 18(18,[B]18[/B],18…)inches from beg, ending with row 2 of pat; place a marker at each side of underarm.

I am confused with the zero in the begining of pattern. I also don’t understand what it means to work in eyelet ST across center.

The 0 just means you don’t do it. Patterns like this are written out for multiple sizes; the sizes have different numbers of stitches, and so need different amounts of ‘padding’. (The pattern stitch will only work for 8x+5 stitches; the third size in parentheses has 6 extra stitches, which isn’t enough for a full pattren repeat, so it puts those stitches on the edge. The size you’re doing is exactly 8x+5 and so doesn’t need any padding.

Working in eyelet stitch across center (which for you is the whole thing) means to follow the pattern listed above: k1, yo, CDD (which it probably tells you elsewhere how to do), yo, k5, yo, CDD, yo, k5, continue repeating the yo+CDD+yo+k5 all the way across until you run out of stitches; the last time you do the repeat, you end up with k1 instead of the k5.

(Really, if you find it easier to think about, it’s k1, then yo+CDD+yo, then k5, then yo+CDD+yo, then k5, and repeating the yo+CDD+yo with 5 knit stitches between them, then k1 at the end of the row.)

Thanks so much, I appreciate your time in helping me. its funny how once things are explained they seem so obvious.