First Sweater

I’m making the jump from scarves to my first sweater. Taking a class but it’s Sunday morning and I’ve hit a “what do I do now spot!” I finished the back and am now working on the right front. My directions say to K11,m1,slip marker,knit to end. It’s that “m1” that I have a question about. In my how-to book it talks about making right slants and left slants. I can make the stitches but how do I know whether to work a right or left slant stitch? Thank you. I really want to knit this morning but don’t want to slant the wrong way. I’ll be making this row 10 times.

I think if it was supposed to be a slanted increase the pattern would have specified a particular increase method. If you do a bar increase (KFB) it won’t matter.

If you do a kfb, you’re going to use a stitch that’s not accounted for.

When a pattern calls for M1, I lift the bar between the stitches with the left tip from front to back, and then knit into the little loop in the back. Always good enough.

Thank you. You’ve given me a wonderful Sunday of knitting. I thought the same thing, that I would be adding an extra stitch, when I looked up the stitch the other person recommended. I’m going with your advice. Hope you have a good day.

Doh! Never thought of that.