First sweater

I was hoping someone could find me the perfect pattern for my first sweater.

I would like a sweater that requires 8" or 10" needles. Also, if possible, something easy.

Thank you@!

What kind of sweater are you looking for? Cardigan or Pullover? Seamed or no seams? [COLOR=Silver]And… I have to say I’m not sure if you are a guy or a gal for sure. Without a name it’s a tough call because avatars lie. [/COLOR]:teehee:

Anyway…my first sweater was a top down raglan from Knitting Pure and Simple. They are well written easy to do patterns.
They also have a “follow along tutorial” for a top down raglan.

Thanks so much, Jan. I’m just starting to look for my first sweater pattern and this link is perfecto!

Thanks for this tutorial–I wish I had read this before now; anyway, my first sweater was a raglan in the round from “Knitting Pure and Simple”. The sweater turned out beautiful, but would have been easier had I known about this. The only problem I had was picking up stitches at the armhole neatly. But, I’m knitting another sweater with this same pattern in a different color.

Thanks again,


I haven’t knitted any sweaters, but this link seems really helpful, this one may proove helpful aswell.