First Sweater Update - I couldn't get to the end of the round before changing yarns

Thanks to all your advice the Weekend Pullover is going quite well. :slight_smile:

I’m almost finished with my increase rounds and I’m getting ready to divide for the sleeves.

So far the project is going really swimmingly. I braved the DPNs for 4 rounds before surrending and trying suzeeq’s Magic Loop technique. The DPNs screwed up my tension a little so I may need to knit a couple of extra increase rounds.

I was getting so excited that I did a stupid mistake though. I started knitting a round before checking to see if I had enough yarn on the skein. I got to about where I had 10-12 stitches left in the round but I couldn’t get any farther.

Following the instructions in my Vogue Knitting book, I tried to unravel the ends of both the new and old yarn and twist them together but I couldn’t make the join secure enough so I went back to my usual way of changing at the end of a row of tying a loose knot of the new yarn around the old yarn and pushing it up to the needle. I’ll plan to weave the ends later. This join seems secure but its really only recommended for the ends of rows.

I’m thinking that in the round it shouldn’t make that much difference between changing at the end of a row and in the middle because its all one round, but there may be something I’m missing. I just know that the unravel and twist method was not secure at all, at least the way I did it.

Knotting is a good starting point. I’ve started overlapping the ends and knitting with 2 strands (old skein and new skein) for about 4-5 stitches. That weaves them in now so you don’t have to go back later. I haven’t been able to see the double-strands in the work. It did take me a while to get the hang of how to overlap the ends, but it is working well.

I never change at the end of a row or round. When you knit flat the idea to change there so the ends will be hidden in a seam, but in the round, there’s not much point to it. Tying a loose knot to hold them together until you want to deal with it is a good way to go. Next change you might want to look into the Russian join.

Thanks cftwo. I thought about working the two together but the yarn is already super bulky and knitting it double-stranded made it really unworkable.

Thanks suzeeq, I thought there wasn’t that much difference between changing yarns at the end and in the middle of a row when working in the round. The Russian join looks very neat. Thanks for sharing.