First sweater sleeve question

Hello all. Hoping someone could shed a light to my confusion :slight_smile: so, I’m making my first sweater and realized that if I followed the size Of the body, the it will be humongous. Per other people suggestions, the sleeves can be made in a smaller size, so I did. Question though, on the bindoff section for underarm, should I follow the BO stitch per the body size or stick with the sleeve size? For example on the body size 38, BO is 10 st, and for sleeves size 35 1/4, BO is 8. I really appreciate any help and thank you in advance!!

Welcome to KH. I don’t have an answer but someone will be able to help you. Meanwhile a link to your pattern or even it’s name would be helpful.

Opps… That would help would’t it… The pattern is called Lila

Very pretty sweater.
Probably the easiest thing to do is to continue with the directions for the sleeve. You may have to knit a longer sleeve cap so that it will fit into the armhole on the main body but you can measure the sleeve against the armhole to be sure. If you’re knitting the sleeves one at a time, take good notes so that you can make the second sleeve to match.

Thank you! So it won’t create problems when I sew the underarms together if the BO sts count on the sleeve and body doesn’t match up?

You’ll have a bit of ease with the knit fabric so that you can align the sleeve and armhole seams pretty well.
Make sure that you have a big enough sleeve cap to seam into the rest of the armhole.

Got it. Ok, will do. Thank you so much for your advice!

Salmon mac, I’m wondering if these sleeves will have sleeve caps?? The Ravelry page says his sweater is knit in 1 piece and the sleeves are knit in the round and added to knit the yoke.

Now I’m confused – and I’m not even knitting this sweater!!! Please help!!!


Thanks, Cindy. Yes, if no sleeve cap then it’s a matter of having enough sts to fit into the yoke. Usually it’s not too difficult to adjust the stitch number on the first round of the yoke if needed.