First sweater - shaping questions

Hi everyone,

I’m planning to knit my first “sweater”, actually Lionbrand’s Barcelona Bolero:
Since it’s my first, I’m doing a bunch of planning and obsessing first… :thinking:

Looking through the pattern, there are the obligatory neck, sleeve etc shapings…
My questions are:

  1. Do you increase/decrease at the beginning or end or the row, or does it not matter?
    In this pattern all RS rows are knit only (broken rib pattern), so I thought that would be easy rows to do all the shaping on.

  2. Where do you do the increase/decrease, one stitch in from the end or at the very last stitch?
    I am planning to use Amy’s MIR/MIL for increases (is that a good choice?) and those need to be worked in between stitches, so I’m thinking they will go one stitch in from the end.
    For decreases I want to use k2tog/ssk. Those could go right at the end, but should they? Or should they go one in from the end like the increases?

  3. At some point I have to cast onto the running project for the sleeves. Is a back loop CO at the end of a RS row appropriate for that? Then I could incorporate those sts into the broken rib on the WS row (this is for the left front).
    When I do the right front, I will need to do this at the end of the WS (p3, k2) row. Can I still just do back loop CO or will that disrupt the pattern?
    Does all this not matter because I will seam the sleeves up anyways? :oops:

  4. Has anyone else done this pattern? How did it come out? What yarn did you use? Any other tips for me?

I hope this all makes sense?!?
Thanks so much everyone, I’m a little nervous…


I believe this pattern has increases and/or decrease at both the beginning and end of rows. Read the pattern carefully.

You need to do the M1s between the end stitch and the next one; whether you want to do the decreases one stitch in is up to you.

Backward loop, knitted, or cable cast on could be used for any of the middle of sweater castons.

The main thing to be careful is to keep in the pattern stitch during the increases. You may have to count where you are and where you need to end up with the COs.

I didn’t make the sweater, but tried out the pattern for a while, then went on to other things. I may still make it, but with modifications like smaller cuffs. Much smaller cuffs.


Thanks so much Sue! :muah:

You’re pretty much confirming what I thought.

One more thing - when you cast on in the middle of the sweater and you have to stay in pattern, this does not change the caston (i.e. there’s no knit or purl caston). It only changes how you knit it in the next row, correct?



Yes. You don’t have to do anything special to the cast on.

Thanks Ingrid and Sue!
I feel so much better about starting this now.

You guys here at KH rock. Thanks for having this forum!
:muah: :muah: