First sweater please help! im at front armhole shaping and cannot continue

So the pattern says : Knit 14 rows, while dec 1 st at each end of next and every following alternate row until 68 sts remaining.

what does this mean??

Welcome to KH!
Decrease one stitch at each end of every other row until 68sts remain. You’ll be decreasing 2sts per row and a total of 14sts.

But this will not decrease stitches only from one side??

Since you decrease at the beginning and end of the row, the front will decrease at both edges.
Sounds like a pullover? Can you give us the name of the sweater or a pattern link?

Here it is:

Very nice looking sweater and a new to me, knitting site.
Yes, you can see in the 2nd photo the way the knitting above the armhole decreases narrows in from each side.

Thank you and happy new year.

You’re very welcome. Enjoy finishing up your sweater and post a photo please. We’d love to see the finished sweater.
A very happy 2017 to you and to all.