First sweater pattern question

I am making my first attempt at a baby sweater and the pattern is telling my to us a scrap of yarn and a blunt needle and slip all the stitches off onto that scrap. Isn’t this what stitch holders are for? All I can see is that piece of yarn slipping out and then i’d never get all those stitches back in the right place. Can I just use stitch holders?

Sometimes a pattern has you hold the stitches on a piece of yarn if it’s still attached and needs to bend. If it’s just to hold for later, then you can put them on stitch holders.

If you were to use yarn, you can tie the ends to prevent it from slipping out.

Thanks. It’s to divide for the sleeve so i’ll see which works best.

You might be able to use a regular holder for the sleeve sts, but scrap yarn is more flexible and they’ll stay out of the way better. You can also use another circular needle as a stitch holder.