First Sweater in 20 years of Knitting

As I started recovering from this blasted shoulder injury, I started working on a sweater I was making before the injury based on the book The Sweater Workshop. My tension has been all off, and things get a little wonky at times because of the numbness and weakness in my hand, but damn if I didn’t finish it.

This is the first completed sweater in 20 years of knitting (the first 10 of which don’t count, because I was so little, and most of the last 10 of which don’t count, because the knitting obsession hadn’t really kicked in yet). It even fits.

Somewhere where the arms join the body the stitches start to get sort of funny, the tension is inconsistant, and it’s full of little things that really only I would notice arn’t quite right… And I love it. It’s my Recovery Sweater. Not only the first one I ever knit, but the one I knit when I’ve been healing and re-teaching my hand the second most important thing I do with it - knit (the first is play instruments as I’m a music person, and I havn’t been able to get working on that yet because a tenor sax is too heavy for my shoulder, clarinet takes too much coordination, my fingers arn’t quite strong enough for the bass guitar, etc… soon, though, I hope).

I’m very, very pleased.

Congrats, Yellowness!! What a great feeling of a project completed, especially after a recovery like yours!!! :happydance: What are you going to work on now? :XX:

I think our first sweaters are like our first child - no matter what they look like, we love 'em!

Congrats on the sweater and the recovery.

:cheering: :cheering: KUDOS, my friend!! What an accomplishment…a double whammy as u said!! u r the bomb!!! WTG!!! I, too, am very proud of you!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: …now u go out get yourself something special for that major accomplishment!!

Good going!
Now show us a picture. :thumbsup:

congratulations on the recovery - and the recovery sweater! :cheering: :thumbsup: :smiley:

Hi Yellowness! Nice to see you back. I hope your shoulder is healing well and fast. Glad you’re knitting again! Congrats on the sweater! Love to see a pic!

WOO HOO!! :happydance:

Yours was one of the first names I began to recognize when I first came here. Your responses to my many inane newbie questions were so helpful. I’m glad to see you back! :smiley:

Congrats on the sweater! :thumbsup:

Do you play ALL those instruments you named, by the way? :shock:

Hey Yellowness! That is so cool you play all those instruments. Wow. I used to plonk away at the piano to teach myself new songs but I gave it up… I could only pick out a melody and never really learned the thing.

Hey, have you read this book, you might enjoy it coz she wrote it after she backed off a deck and broke her arm and her recovery trip took her a lot of new places. I’m finding it inspiring and relaxing…
The Knitting Sutra by Susan Gordon Lydon.

Know whatcha mean about that first sweater/first child thingy, I have a sweater here we dragged down with the summer clothes that I made my husband about 12 years ago… it’s cotton and the colours of the beach, pale blue, pale yellow, cream… and it’s all washed out looking now but I refuse to throw it away! I stopped knitting about 10 years ago and since I started again (last May) I have yet to make a sweater. I’m working up to it , just have to make that damn decision on WHAT SWEATER for god’s sake.

ok, cfn,