First sweater fini!

Hey everyone. I just wanted to share my first ever sweater! It is a cable front turtle neck, a pattern I picked up at LYS by Tahki yarns. I knit it in Cascade Eco+, a nice yarn at a great price. It only took about 1 3/4 skeins of yarn to knit. I think if I used this yarn again it would be on smaller needles. The lable reads it as a bulky yarn, and although I got gauge with my blocked swatch, and my sizing came out fine, the stitches are a little stretched, kwim? I had amazingly little trouble with the seaming, I was majorly worried about the set in sleeve, which didn’t end up giving me any trouble at all. Overall I am very happy, and hooked on sweaters!:inlove:

you can see the cable best in this one

This is the true color (sorry for the goofy me model, lol)
Thanks for looking!

Terrific looking sweater! I like it!

WOW, you did a fabulous job on that! :slight_smile:

It looks great on you!! the color is very flattering on you. you did a great job!!!

That looks wonderful!! Beautiful work!

It is just gorgeous!

It’s beautiful!:thumbsup:

:happydance: it looks wonderful!

Wow…that turned out beautifully - way to go!!! :hug:

Great job! I LOVE cables- and the colour is just gorgeous!

thats your first sweater? wow! it looks great and i realy like the cable pattern … it doesnt look to bulky


[I]you did a great job[/I] :yay: :yay:

Beautiful sweater! You should be proud.

Great sweater! When did you find time to make a sweater with a little one that age? :slight_smile:

Wow! Great job. Love the color and the cable!. Kudos to you! :slight_smile:

I love it! The color is very nice!:yay:

You did a great job! What a first sweater :yay: :yay: The stitches might be stretched because the yarn is bulky and heavy, so it pulls itself down…

Good Job! It looks great :slight_smile:

Very nice - thanks for sharing :slight_smile: