First Sweater Complete (Sleeveless)!

I finally finished my first sweater. Actually, this is the very first project I started as a knitter (what did I know? :roflhard:) I posted it a while back as a WIP - but here it is finished :woot:

It is a little big on the sides/under the arms - but still perfectly wearable - just have to wait for the weather to turn a little cooler. On the plus side, the hips fit perfectly. I made this for under blazers, so the looseness will be fine.

It certainly isn’t perfect, but came out much better than I thought my first sweater would, so I am happy, happy, happy!

This was knit with Reynolds Soft Linen yarn on size 4 US needles for the body and size 6 US needles for the neck. The pattern is Blue Hawaii from Everyday Style Classic Knits for Womenby Carol Rasmussen Noble

Here is a picture:

And some detail shots:
The Neck:

and the lace on the bottom:

So, what I learned on this project:

  1. KH! I came on line to find an answer to something I didn’t know how to do and landed here - never to leave!:cheering: Thanks everyone who helped (and most of the help came from just reading the different threads that applied to what I was trying to do - go KH!)

  2. How to read a pattern, substitute yarn, make gauge.

  3. How to adjust a pattern for size and length and a different weight yarn (I got pretty close!)

  4. How to knit lace.

  5. How to shape armholes, and how to pick up stitches for the neck (not perfect, but not too bad either!)

  6. How to turn my work inside out and start working on the wrong side as the right side - this gets special mention because, for some reason, this was the thing I had the hardest time figuring out and actually knit the neck 4 times on the inside and had to frog:frog: all 4 times before I finally figured it out:gah:

  7. How to add yarn, weave in ends, block, seam, and block again. (And yes, blocking lace is miraculous!)

Anyway, sorry to go on so long but I am just so thrilled that this is done and a successful project. Thanks for looking!

Did you say your first project?? I am amazed! Knit on!

Well - it’s the first one I STARTED :roflhard: Got side tracked along the way so have done some other things along with the this (there was a LOT of St St in this!). But, yep, the lace on the bottom was the very first thing I started after my “learn to knit sampler” - glad I didn’t know “better” at the time as now I’m not afraid to try most things. Thanks for looking!

wow! How pretty that is, you should be very proud!:cheering:

WOW! That is a beautiful sweater. :yay::yay::yay:and your first one? I’m impressed. I love the color two.

WOW! you did a really great job:cheering: & I love the color:thumbsup:.

It looks wonderful! :thumbsup:



Thanks everyone! I appreciate your comments cloud9

So well done!

Amazing job on the stitch detail! Kudos on your list of what you learned. Hopefully others will take note and feel less intimidated by seemingly challenging projects.


:heart: That’s beautiful! It looks wonderful on you! :cheering:

Thanks all!

Cam90066: That is part of why I made that list - it really does all come down to trusting the pattern and knitting one stitch/row at a time. And any time I had difficulty understanding exactly what I needed to do - KH was there to help me out. It’s all just string and sticks and the worst that can happen is a little frogging!

chris, you have a great attitude! Too often new knitters get overwhelmed by trying to look at a project in its entirety rather than taking it one step (row/stitch) at a time. Even those of us who have been doing this for decades still have to frog occasionally, run up against questionably-worded patterns (or pull out a few hairs designing our own!), or realize things aren’t going as hoped (or planned). Always something to learn!


That is so beautiful! I think it would be an accomplishment for an experienced knitter! And it’s your first project??? :thud:

I feel inspired now by your attitude!

Thank you Cam90066 and Anna T! I think that one of the strongest appeals of knitting for me is the fact that there are very few mistakes I can come up with that can’t be fixed. That is a very freeing concept to me - allows me to just go ahead and try anything :happydance:

That is gorgeous! I love the color and the detail on the bottom!

it looks great- and isn’t it fun to see how much you learned? pretty color too


Thanks Pandaca, marykz and astonh! Appreciate your looking and comments :slight_smile: