First Sweater and some Sewing-all for my daughter

hunterjenn I would love your help. How would I pay you by paypal? I couldn’t even wait till today to check wal mart out I packed the kids up and looked last night. They didn’t have any, they didn’t even look like they have got any spring things. I checked ebay as well and couldn’t find any.

I can send you a paypal invoice. Lemme check out what colors they have at my store. Any preference? When I was there on Sat. they had the pink paisley, a dark blue of some kind…and some others can’t remember now.

Thank you so much. :muah: :muah: I would like pink if they have it and the blue would be good to. I was thinking of getting 30" of two different kinds. Thanks again. :happydance: :cheering:

I hope you find this fabric. I was just at my JoAnnes again, browsing and they were totally rearranging everything. Didn’t see any of the sundress fabric (was possibly considering a thrid for my daughter). I suspect it is still there because there were at least 6 different colors, but still! If I had originally gone today I never would have found it. My JoAnne’s is always a bit disorganized. For example they have a yarn section, but then there are sale yarn bins scattered at surprising places all over the store. The JoAnnes in the next town is much better in terms of organization.

I went yesterday and they had SOLD OUT of all but one! (of course I bought some of that- the yellow with little dots)
now I’m pinning, tomorrow I sew…

yellow fabric would be cute. I hope hunterjenn is able to get me some, if not I will just wait and hope maybe in a few weeks it will come to my wal mart. I’m thinking about making summer dresses and tomorrow it is suppose to snow a little bit. I just can’t believe how hard this fabric is to find. I couldn’t find one spot on the internet that even showed it.


That sweater is really cute on your little girl, and I :heart: the dresses!
I got some pre-smocked fabric at Walmart today for my own little girl.
It’s $8.94 a yard, so basically I’ll be able to make two dresses for my daughter for around $10! This fabric is shorter (meant just for young girls), so I won’t have any extra to cut off for straps, but I got some coordinating ribbon to use as the straps instead. I’m excited to make these!
I want to thank you Newamy, and Abbily, for posting the pics of your dresses!

You’re welcome, and I can’t wait to see pics of yours! :slight_smile:

I have pictures for you! The lighting isn’t great, but here are your choices. They’re all listed between $0.29 and 0.39 an inch (I think all the short ones are .29, the long ones .39). The first photo is of the shorter fabrics; the others are longer. Just lemme know what you want and how much!!

hunterjenn you truly are a sweet heart thank you. :muah: I would like 25" of the second plaid from the right in the first picture, either plaid would work if that one is out. I would also like 25" of the yellow and 25 " of the bright pink from the second picture. If either of those are out I would like 25" of the second from the right blue from the third picture. I will try to PM you with my personal info. I have never done that so tell me if you don’t get it . Thank you.

No problem! I’m happy to do it. I’ll look for your PM–if you’ll include your email address, I’ll send you a paypal invoice. :slight_smile:

ETA: Got your PM! I’ll try and swing by tonight, but I’ll definitely go by tomorrow morning. :slight_smile:

Aren’t you super crafty?! I really envy people who can sew. I hope to learn some day. She looks so happy in her new clothes.

mwedzi wrote

I really envy people who can sew

First of all I can sew but not super-elaborate-awesome-wear-it-to-the-wedding type sewing.

Second of all I learned to sew as a kid and in home ec that mom REQUIRED me to take. Now that I have learned to knit I firmly beleive that if you can knit you can sew. Sewing is easier- at least basic sewing. (ruffles, gathers, and adding darts are possibly hard and I needed help last time I did sleeves)

All you need is a decent machine- does not have to be new or expensive, it just has to work (non- working or malfunctioning machines are horrible) and a good class. Really you can do it!

NONE of it is hard, as long as you have a pattern! (Well, at least most patterns. Some are written strangely, but not many) I totally agree–if you can knit, you can sew!!

Oh! You’re JoAnn’s has a much better selection than ours. I wanted to make my dd a dress in a cute fabric, and myself a dress or top out of the navy with the white and red polka dots.

They were out of the navy, and they didn’t have much in the way of little girl fabrics…the fabrics have different lengthed smocking, and the adult smocking was almost down to her mid thight (which would look a little weird…).

I am going to go to the next town over and check them out. Yours dresses are so cute!:pout: My dd would LOVE this dress…and she has been asking for mommy-daughter outfits.


Waoo thats looks awsome :slight_smile: I will try to implement this :slight_smile: