First sweater and probably last

Finally got up my nerve to try knitting a sweater for my granddaughter. Had no problem with the pattern, was very intimidated by the seaming only to find the sleeves are so wide she will probably never wear it! Followed the pattern perfectly for inches etc, but the width on this thing is just crazy for a baby. Found no error notes so I guess they just think it looks fine with sleeves wide enough to go on an adult. Anyway, not sure I will attempt another but glad I got over my fear of seaming and finished it.

Sorry, forgot to add the pattern name. It was listed in an advertisement in Creative Knitting from Patternworks. Cardi and Beret. Pattern Number 801981

I’m sorry to hear that the sleeves didn’t fit right. How very frustrating! However, it’s a lovely little sweater–even with the ill-fitting sleeves.

Sorry to hear that you are dissapointed. I noticed though that little children sweaters tend to be really, really spacious. One of the reasons is obvious – anyone who tried to put a sweater on a 3 month old would know that long and narrow sleeves are impossible. But the width of some sweaters? Puzzles me.

However, the colour is lovely and the sweater looks nice. And you learned a lot!

How frustrating! :gah: Still, I agree that you did a beautiful job on it. :thumbsup: Makes it that much worse, I guess. Please don’t give up on sweaters. Next time you’ll know to pay attention to the sleeve width.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re not quite pleased with the results, but the sweater is just precious, and the color is beautiful! Your granddaughter may well surprise you and never take it off!

Like Olha I’ve found that baby sweaters tend to be very spacious or wide with large sleeves. Not all patterns are that way though. One thing I find is that since it is wide if you knit it longer it’ll fit a little bit bigger child instead.

I wonder if maybe making a smaller size a little longer would work better. I’ll have to try that next time.

Thanks for the compliments. I did learn a lot doing it and maybe if I had more experience with sweaters I would have known to try to narrow it with a better seam? I do agree it is hard to put a sweater on a baby that is narrow but believe me, this sleeve is way off:roflhard: .

By the time it might fit her she will be in school! The pattern was for a 1-2 year old and she is 15 months. Oh well, I did learn some things while doing it. Thanks for looking

That might work, making a smaller size but making it longer! Hmmm now you have me thinking about that. I have a picture of her from the back with it on but was way too enbarressed to post it once I saw how huge it was on her. First garment I have made, I usually do afghans, scarves and hats so this was definitely an accomplishment for me.

Maybe wait and try it on her again as she grows. They do grow so fast, it may well look just fine, even next year? It’s looks beautiful in your picture and the yarn colors are lovely. Really, I’d say a success despite your doubts.

Well it sure is pretty! :thumbsup:

I’ve had issues with children’s/toddler’s/baby’s patterns myself…and it’s always sleeves. usually they are long enough to fit a chimpanzee.

I think the baby will wear this little cardigan! It’s adorable! Sleeves don’t have to fit snugly!

Thanks! The length of the sleeve was a bit of a problem but they could have been rolled up/. It was the width! Cannot believe there wasn’t an error in the number to Co but I haven’t found any errata on it. I know she won’t mind wearing it but I am not sure I want anyone to ask where in the world she got it>:teehee:

It is really pretty! Don’t give up on sweaters, tho. It might just be odd sizing in the pattern.

I love this sweater. It is so beautiful!
Would it work out better for you if you redid the last half of the sleeves again but this time with a k1p1 rib on smaller needles.
The sleeves would still be wide at the top but would possibly narrow down enough so that the child’s arm won’t get lost in it.
Just a suggestion,
TEMA :knitting:

Or you could take the sleeves off altogether and give her a little vest.

I am not sure I am experienced enough to try to figure out how to redo it, especially since it was the first sweater I did but I may give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.