First socks!

They’re not exactly “Ta-Da!!!” material but they are my first pair. :happydance:
Immediately confiscated by middle DD. :noway:
Basic ankle sock with SWTC Tofutsies yarn using Silver’s sock class:cheering:

Great job!!! :cheering:

Those are awesome, great job!!

Those look great!!! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

I think they deserve a “ta-da!!” Perfect fit, lovely colors, and they’re only your first pair! Great job!

Well now I am very impressed with these little socks they look fab! Have the got the sock bug now???

Very pretty!

Very nice!

Definitely “Ta-Da” worthy!!:cheering:

way to go girl! and about your dd taking them, be sure you take them back when she’s sleeping and don’t let them leave your feet. jk. they look awesome and isn’t it fun?!!

[B][COLOR=“Navy”]Great Socks Cinnamon Girl!!! Anyone who can make socks can go TA DA!!!

Just the thought of TRYING to knit socks scares the heck out of me.[/COLOR][/B]

Thanks everyone!!
I most definitely have gotten bit by the sock bug and am constantly inspired by all the great socks I see on this forum!! These were plain stockinette but soon I’m going to get brave and try a patterned sock:woohoo:
And Susan, I was scared too but it’s not too scary once you figure out how get and keep the yarn on those 4 #@&! needles. It’s definitely fun so give it a try.

They look great.