First socks using Turkish CO & ML

I’m attempting my first socks. :?? I don’t like knitting with DPN’s, so I’m doing magic loop, but there are no tutorials for ONE sock on ML. :shrug: (I’ve read Silver’s tutorials, but can’t follow it b/c my yarn is not the same gauge as what she recommends and I want to do ONE sock at a time using ML.)
I got a recommendation to use the Turkish CO (easier than provisional and makes a nice toe)( and got that figured out (VERY EASY!), but it doesn’t tell me what to do from there. I’m using the Soculator ( for my pattern, but I’m not sure when to start doing the wrap and turns.

Maybe this isn’t the best pattern to start with? I’m using ONLINE Supersocke and my stitch gauge is 6 sts/" and my row gauge is 8 sts/". Does anyone have a free pattern with very explicit instructions on how to continue from the Turkish CO? Or can you just help me figure it out?

Thanks for your help and advice!:hug:

Your best bet is to look at - she has a chart based on measurements and gauge. Just plug in the appropriate numbers and knit away! It uses a Figure-8 cast on, but that’s similar enough that it’s easy to work out.

Some others to look at: (uses figure eight cast on, gusset and flap heel) (also figure eight, but with short row heel)

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Forgive me, but I just don’t get how the chart works.

Number of inches around sock foot45678910Number of inches from total length of foot to start of gusset increases (approximate) 1.522.533.544.5
The number of inches around the sock foot: Is it best to measure a sock that fits or the foot? and do you measure around the widest part?
I don’t know what “total length of foot to start of gusset increases” means. What do you measure?

you might find this easier. You can use it for toe-ups as well.

Try this: start off with the Magic caston, which I and many others find the easiest (on Knitty). Increase until you have enough stitches to go around your foot, stretched a bit. To figure out how many this should be, once you have done an inch or whatever, measure your gauge, you want enough stitches to add up to about 1 inch less around than your foot is. Or just try it on until you have done enough increases for it to feel right. If you are not sure, stop and don’t do them, just knit plain, and later if you want them a touch bigger you can increase then. When I’m not sure whether I need to do more increases or not, it’s usually enough though.

Your foot will generally be about the same measurement around at the end (before the toes) as it is closer to the ankle, check and see!

The gusset increases are the part where the sock starts to get bigger for the ankle. Or in top-down, after the ankle starts to get smaller for the foot. See this red sock, I have drawn a green V around the gusset increases (this was toe-up). I’ve drawn it a touch outside the increases, about 1cm or so in you can see the lines of the increases.