First socks dpn vs two circulars

So many of you have posted about sock-knitting, so I used the Silver’s Sock tutorial and have completed my first sock using DK weight thread and dpn. I must say it looks pretty good and fits beautifully. I’m thinking of knitting the second sock on two circulars so I can learn how to do that too. Any suggestions for using two circulars? Or should I do the second sock using the dpn?

When you change methods it’s possible your tension may change a little. I’d stick one method per pair. :thumbsup:

Thanks, Jan, that does make sense. I’ll try the 2 circular method on my next pair. When purchasing another circular, do you recommend choosing one of a different length so it is easy to tell them apart? I like to use the Inox and have almost a complete set of 24" circulars. I was thinking of adding to my collection by adding 16". Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Some people do that or they use two different sets so the cable is different. I prefer to use the same length.

You will ALWAYS be knitting on the needle closest to you after you turn. I put the stitches on the back needle in the center of the cable and then slide the stitches on the front working needle toward the right end. Then I lift my left arm a little and grab the longer hanging needle, check to make sure it’s from the front needle and then knit. It sounds fiddly, but once you get the hang of it it’s easy and you do it w/o thinking.

Like the beginning of any project in the round you have to watch that you haven’t flipped your work inside out and the working yarn is coming from the back needle.

However, if you find it easier to use a 16" and a 24" by all means go for it. Do what works for you.

Thanks again for the advice. I’ll let you know how the second pair turns out.

For small diameter in-the-round knitting…I use 2-24" circulars. I like the extra ‘give’ that the 24" cable gives me to bend the cable around to work.

I use KnitPicks OPTIONS nickel plated for the leading needle on the round…and a KnitPicks HARMONY wood for the needle that finishes up the round. I love this method because I never get confused about when the new round is beginning. You can’t place a stitch marker to designate the beginning of the rounds!