First Sock

I finished my first sock-like object. The ankle looks too small, but it’s really stretchy, so it fits fine (K3P2 ribbing). I’m not happy with the pointy toe. This came from a pattern in “Knitting With Balls”. I may not make the second sock, because I found the pattern difficult to follow–I’m pretty well convinced there was a problem in the heel turn instructions, because I finally had to just wing it to get it to come out right.

I’m still kind of proud of myself for actually making a sock, even though you can buy them for about 1/4th the cost of the yarn. I had some issues, of course, but I only picked up my first set DPNs about a week ago, so I’m pretty pleased with my progress. At least it looks like a sock, and I wasn’t sure it would.

:cheering: It looks great!

Way to go! :cheering:

Congratulations–your first sock!


It looks great!! Congrats to you! :happydance:

Way to go! :cheering:

I didn’t finish the mate to my first attempt at socks either. I frogged it and tried again. The second attempt came out much better – I made a pair of socks instead of just a sock.

Here’s to warm feet in the winter!


I’d frame it! :cheering:

Wait until you’ve finished the other and are wearing them on an icy day - then you’ll be hooked for sure!

Great job!! Sorry that you had problems with the pattern - maybe another one would be easier to understand? Socks are so addicting!

Just before you graft the toe, when the stitches are on the two needles. At each end of both needles, with a spare needle pick up the first stitch and then pass the second stitch over it. (Sort of a decrease.) Do that at both ends of both needles. The toe will be less pointy.


and, if it’s any consolation, i didn’t finish the second sock in my first attempt. in fact, that lone sock is still in one piece, albeit tangled up in my stash boxes… :teehee:

Woo hoo!!! looks great…I’m working on my third-ever sock now. My first pair don’t look like the greatest socks in the world, but they are functional. It just gets easier and easier…

:cheering: your first sock :happydance:

Great job, now you’ll be addicted

I never made a mate for my first sock either. I figured being the first one, if I made a mate for it then it would get worn and eventually worn out. I wanted it kept perfect like a trophy. :teehee:

By the way, BEAUTIFUL work. And if you are keen to try again-I couldn’t recommend Silvers Sock Class more. Wonderful step by step instructions there. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: