First sock...yes singular!

I finished my first ever sock thanks to everyone. However I need a time out from socks. It gave me a few headachy grumpy (right grumpy gramma?) moments. When I go to Michaels I will buy some sock yarn if I see any I like. Next try I think will be toe up like Grumpy grammas.


That sock is impressive! You worked your way through it and it’s very well done. Congrats.

Well, l was excited it looked like a sock. :smirk:
Gusset issues, kitchener st issues…but it
Didn’t end up with two toes or summit.

Just came back from Michael’s and bought yarn
For my double knitting project. It happens to be a Christmas
Project. I love the results of dk.

And finish the Steelers hat.

What are you knitting these days?

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That’s wonderful! It looks great!

Thanks Jan. I read somewhere, perhaps it was even you, who wrote
To make a point that Knitting things you don’t particularly enjoy
Isn’t worth it. I was tickled when the sock came out, and I may
Change my mind, but I think they aren’t for me. Too many other things
I like. How are your sheep coming along?

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You might make the other one just to give it a second try and to at least have a pair. I always say that i CAN make anything…I just choose not to. :slight_smile:

I’ve finished the pentagons and am now working on the hexagons. I could have had this done a while ago, but I don’t knit that often at home. I get too distracted. lol

Pentagons and hexagons?
Where do you knit usually if not at home?

I do knit at home sometimes, but I do a lot of my knitting at my local yarn store (LYS) on Tuesday and Friday evening. I’ve been knitting with the same group of ladies for over 10 yrs in 3 yarn stores. The first one closed, got new owners and moved so we went there. Then the second one closed permanently and we had no where to go so we knit in coffee shops. Then a new store with a new owner opened about 5 minutes from my house! I could walk, but it’s across a fwy and probably not a good idea for a single (older) woman to be walking alone at night so I drive. :slight_smile:

That’s a beautiful sock! If you do the second one you’ll almost certainly find it easier.
There is no rule that everyone has to love knitting (or wearing) socks. If you like doing them, it’s very satisfying. If you don’t, do something else.

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That is so awesome Jan! Very Debbie Macomber like.

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That is a very pretty sock. I also like the color you chose for it.

Thx…maybe I will feel sorry for it and knit its partner
One day. :slight_smile:

I think you did a great job ! Only you can decide whether knitting socks is for you or not. You can at least say you did it ! :blush:

Thank you Adrienne!
I have started other projects and I am loving
Learning them. I now know my one sock will
Be an independent sock with no partner.
I am very glad I made her though. :slight_smile:

Do you have a cold golf club? Maybe you could keep it warm with the single sock. Or use it as a sleeping bag or a stocking cap for a doll. :joy:

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Ha ha!!

Sock puppet?

You guys are so imaginative! You are killing me. LOL!!
I guess I will have to find a job for ‘her’.

It’s an Easter Stocking, of course.:grin: It would be cute hanging up with a toy bunny in it. Maybe you’ll have to knit the bunny.

That would be adorable in pastel colours!

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