First sock questions

I’m knitting my first sock using the Yarn Harlot’s basic sock recipe (top down). I’m using 4 DPNs. I have finished two inches in K2, P2 ribbing and have begun stockinette stitch.

1st question: Since I’m knitting in the round, I don’t actually K a row, then P a row to get stockinette, right? Aren’t I supposed to K every row to get the stockinette stitch?

2nd question: Now that I’ve begun to K every row, the sock appears to be inside out. Is that the way it is supposed to be?

Thanks for the help!!!

First question - Yes, you just knit every round. No purling! :thumbsup:

Second question - You are knitting inside the circle most likely. Normally you knit on the outside of the circle meaning the loop is away from you and your hands and the needles tips are closest to you. Here’s some good photos that explain it better.
You can continue and then flip it inside out when you’re done, but you’ll have to be careful to continue in the same manner or you’ll have part inside out and part right side out. :wink:

Thanks, Jan! I’m not sure why I’m doing it the way I am (inside the circle), but I think I’ll stick with it. I’m afraid I’ll confuse myself at this point if I try to change it mid-sock!

Join the club of inside-out knitters! I knit on DPNs inside out. I’m not proud of it, and I have tried and tried to do it the “correct” way, but I have accepted the fact that for ME personally, I have to just adjust my projects so that I knit inside out. When I need to turn the heel of a sock, I simply turn it inside right, do what I need to do, then turn it back inside out to rejoin and keep on knitting inside out. It’s probably not the best method, and certainly not the “correct” method, but it works for me. I developed a nasty habit and before I realized it was wrong, I couldn’t break the habit. I still come out with a nice finished product, though, and that’s what counts as far as I’m concerned. :slight_smile:

Oh man, now I am confused! Will I have to turn the sock inside right to turn the heel, or will I just continue on the same as the rest of the sock?

Now I really want to learn the correct way to knit on DPNs, but I keep watching the video and it looks like what I’m doing now (obviously not, though!). I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any advice??

:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: OK, I think I figured it out! I went back and studied the pics that I was referred to in the first reply. (Helped that I’m more rested this morning than last night!)

I turned my sock ‘inside right’ and have done a few rounds the correct way (or it seems to be), because my sock isn’t working up inside out anymore. Yay!!!

I always wondered why every hat I knit on circulars was inside-out. D’oh - I’m not very quick!!!

Thanks again for all the help everyone!

Just so you know, I find it less “fiddly” to work the first inch or so of my socks inside out before turning them outside out. Just me though…

Thanks - if I have trouble when I start the next sock, I’ll try that. It seems to me (at this point - a couple of inches into the sock) that knitting it the ‘correct’ way is a lot less fiddly and is faster than the way I was doing it.

Thank goodness for the knitters on this site - having a place to go to ask questions has been a God-send!