First Sock Project

So I decided to try to knit a pair of socks. I am very nervous about this as patterns NEVER make sense to me. I am not new to knitting so should know that it always makes sense when you are actually working the project. BUT…this has me stumped. (

Back to Basics Sock pattern on

Here is the part I don’t get…

[COLOR=Red]Heel will be worked back and forth over sts on Needle 2 only, as follows:
[I]Row 1[/I] [RS]: K48, W&T.
[I]Row 2 [/I][WS]: P28, W&T.
[I]Row 3[/I] [RS]: K27, W&T.
[I]Row 4 [/I][WS]: P26, W&T.

[I]Rows 5-22: [/I]Continue in stockinette st, working each short row 1 st shorter than the last. Row 22 is 8 sts long.[/COLOR]

I understand short rows, have knitted them before. What I don’t understand is how I am going to end up with 8 stitches on the 22nd row. :think:

Probably seems silly, but I just can’t start this pattern until I understand it! :slight_smile: Any help appreciated!


My calculations is that row 22 is 11 stitches and that you would have to go to row 25 for 8 stitches. What am I not seeing?

I couldn’t get that to add up in my head either, but math is not my strong suit.

Here is a link to the pattern if it helps…

I’ve been having trouble getting Knitty to load the page, I’ll keep trying.

I’m supported to be an accountant and math is not always my strong suit. I had to chart out the pattern, I am very visually based, and it does come to 8 stitches.

There is always the basic saying of [I]Trust the Pattern[/I]. If it doesn’t seem right check for up dates and if not found follow the pattern and knit what is shown.

May I also suggest that you joint the Any Sock Knit-a-long III thread. We talk about everything under the world, but, all have and do knit socks frequently. Some one over there should be able to answer any question fairly quickly.


THANK YOU! How did you chart that out? I am very visual too, but couldn’t quite figure out how to do that. Which is why I ended up here asking my question…lol

I used Intwined Studio