First sock pattern?

I’m psyching myself up to knit my first pair of socks. Does anyone have a good first-time sock pattern? Should I start with toe-up? Or top-down? I have some beautiful J. Knits Superwash Me - Sock (32 st. = 4 in. on #1 needles). Will this work?

you MUST try silver’s sock tutorial. she has a basic top down tutorial using dpn’s as well as her new one for toe-up socks on 2 circs. you will NEVER regret learning how to use 2 circs. i rarely even use my dpn’s anymore.

here’s the link: Silver’s Sock Class :smiley:

I can’t find the toe-up on 2 circs! I’m also about to start my first socks, but want to use magic loop. I figure I can adjust from two circs to one, but I can’t find the tutorial and I REALLY want toe-up! Am I missing it?

If you click on the link and scroll all the way towards the end you should be able to find instructions for the toe-up for two socks at the same time.

I found that one, but I’ve never done socks before, and Silver recommends not doing them as first socks. And I’m a sock virgin.