First sock ever

I am knitting socks with double pointed needles and cannot figure out how to connect the 3 needles after I’ve casted on. Can someone please help me? Also, this is the first time I’ve ever posted anything- ever. Now what?

Welcome to Knitting Help! Now that you’ve posted a question you wait for answers. Sometimes they come fast and some will take longer. Just be patient. :slight_smile:

To join first lay the 3 needles on a flat surface with the working yarn coming from the needle on the right. Make sure all the stitches are flat and not twisted or your join will be twisted and you have no choice, but to start over.

When they are even pick up the two ends and start knitting. Having the working yarn on the right causes them to join.

There are good pix here.

Spread the needles out in a line with the working yarn on the right most one. Check to make sure the sts aren’t twisted on the needles or between them, then take the one on the left in your left hand, the one with the yarn in your right hand and knit the first stitch on the left needle. There’s some good pictures of how it should look on this page, and if you go to the Advanced Techniques page, there’s a video with dpns, but I’m not sure it shows joining, just knitting.

Hi and welcome! I’ll just add one more video to the fine videos and tutorials already recommended.

Shandeh shows joining for dpns midway through this video.