First sock done!

Wow, lotta people learning socks! Here’s my contribution, all done! Onto the second sock, before it gets lonely!

Great job! I love the colors. :slight_smile:

Great job!! Did you stripe it yourself or is that self striping yarn?

Great job! I love how you brought the ribbing all the way down to the heel. Are you addicted to socks yet???

Great job…Hope it’s the first of many x

Thanks! It’s a self-striping yarn, Austermann Step, and I’m definatly addicted. Eyeing up some crochet cotton I found somewhere for the next pair…

Great job and congrats on your FIRST EVER SOCK!!! I hope mine looks this nice when I am finished it. Keep up the good work and get that second sock done so you don’t end up with SSS.

Welcome to the sock addiction club!! They look great :woot:

That’s a happy-looking sock! Can’t wait till it meets its mate!

Congratulations on making your first sock! :cheering: Looks great!

That is one nice looking sock! Make its mate, so it won’t be lonely!!! :teehee:

Looks like a good fit! Congrats!

That looks so great!! I love the colors. I’ve been coveting that Step yarn myself :teehee:

oooh! i love it! its way WAY better than my sock. my sock is just plain blue. bleh.