First Sock Done w/ Pics

I finally finished my first sock! :cheering: It was on size 1 needles and I used almost thread like yarn that is giving me a sore when I wrap it around my middle finger. You might have seen my “can you stretch out too small socks?” thread, and while it’s a little small, it still fits. I’m 1 1/2 in. into the second sock, and counting. Enjoy!

In progress:

Those are pretty!

Just one… :oops: I’m hoping to finish the second one soon.

Oh. Well yes, but I’m sure the second one will be just as nice! :hug:


Very cute!

What yarn are you using?

I used Fortissima Socka. :shrug: It sounds uncommon, but that’s the sock yarn my LYS carries. I actually think it’s German. The brand is Schoeller Stahl. The color is called “Jean”.

Very pretty color and you did a great job on it I am sure the other sock will be just as pretty. :heart:

Good job!! It looks comfy! I like the pic with your foot in it still on the needles! :rofl:

:balloons: Great sock!

I love the colour - does it have a shade number as well as name (I’ve been searching for it!)

I might try socks next - was the pattern on the net?

I actually didn’t use a pattern…well, sort of.
A lady at my LYS sent me a pattern for a basic pair of socks. I wasn’t sure if it was on size 3 or 6 needles, so I decided to go with three. But when another lady there looked at my pattern and at the number of stitches I was supposed to cast on, she said it would end up like a toddler’s sock if I did that pattern. So she gave me a pair of size 1s and told me to cast on 64 stitches. Basically, from there, I just knit to the heel flap, did sl1, k1 across and the sl1, p across. I turned the heel with the directions given to me by the lady when I went back for help (trying to remember them for the second sock, I’ll let you know when I do), and then just picked up stitches across the gusset. I think I ended up with something like 82 stitches, maybe more. From there, I didn’t really look at the pattern, but I looked at other directions at for decreasing. I decreased back to 64 stitches, knit until 1 1/2 inches left, and then decreased to 31 stitches and then stitched them up.
I’d advise you to start with an actual pattern first. :thud:

Excellent job! :cheering: A very nice pair of socks for your first try!
Love the yarn colour, too! :teehee:

Great job!!! That is cool looking yarn. :slight_smile: