First sock fits!

Well, that’s about it! It was so fun to make. I can’t wait to make the mate and then get real sock yarn to make more!


YAY!!! Congrats! Aren’t socks FUN? Ohhhh I see a future sock yarn addict in the making!!!

:cheering::muah: You did a great job!!! It looks great!!! I :heart: Hand knit socks!!!

WooHoo! Looks great :slight_smile:

Very pretty, and nice fit! Hopefully this is the first of many!!! I :heart: knitting socks :smiley:

Your sock looks great! Did you use Silver’s tut to learn? It’s a great resource…


It looks perfect!! What is the yarn? It’s a great color, and the fit couldn’t be better.

Nicely done. The sense of accomplishment one feels when your first sock is done and it actually looks and fits like a sock is wonderful. :happydancing: Is it the Knitty Gritty sock?

I can’t figure out how to do that multiple quote thing. Thanks everyone! No, it’s not the Knitty Gritty sock. I followed Silver’s sock tutorial for help! I really like the color too. The yarn is Cisne Zafiro, 100% acrílico (acrylic), made in Peru. I don’t have the lable for that color anymore, but it’s pretty much what it looks like: fuscia! (sp?) It’s not a great sock yarn–it’s DK weight, I think, but I had it left over in my tiny stash, and I fugured I could use it to try out sock-making so that when I can get better-suited sock yarn I will be a more accomplished sock maker! I was truly stunned that it actually fit. It’s like magic!

Thanks for all your cheers!


That looks really great! :cheering: I :heart: socks too.
:twisted:Muah ha ha ha…Welcome to the sock side…:twisted:

You’re so evil! But she has turned to the dark side, hasn’t she?

GREAT job! :cheering:

:twisted: I’m not evil, I’m just…socky…[SIZE=1](I know it’s not a word, but it sounded right):teehee:[/SIZE]

I can definitely see how addictive they can be (socks, that is). It was pretty fast, not hard but not boring either.

But the dark side? I guess I can hang w/ the Sith a bit. :rofling: