First short-row heel!

I did my first short-row heel last night! I learned to make socks using the heel flap method. But I decided to jump in and try this way. It took an hour and a half (and it’s a small sock for a 5 yr old), but I did it! I like the way it looks better. Now to finish it and get the next one started!

It looks great!

Congratulations! Glad you stuck with it. It’s a very tidy heel and so easy to do. I’m not sure of the fit though. The ones I did kinda pooch out in the back. :?? I think it has to do with the number of stitches the heel began with. Yours looks right to me. Let me know how it fits, okay!? :lol: Thanks! samm

I’m going to be trying toe up socks soon so this is interesting to me. How does it fit?

That looks really great! I love the way that the short row heel fits, nice and snug (I use a customized sock pattern, so it’s made to fit the measurments of the persons foot.) I’ve never made a sock with the heel flap, though, so I can’t compare between the two.

Mason-all the socks I knit are toe up, and they (the heels) fit great.

Thanks Conti, good to know as that was a concern with toe up.

What part of the country do you live in (assuming the US)? I could learn a lot from you.

I think its going to fit good. I’ll let you all know when it’s finished.

Still haven’t tried toe-up yet. I tried to start one once and got confused with the provisional cast on.

Finished the first sock. It fit my DS’s foot perfectly! Now on to the second one!

I’m working on my first pair of toe up socks, and I have to say that it’s nice to be able to try on the sock as you go. Starting with the toe is a bit of a challenge to begin with, but then all is okay.

As far as short rows, I don’t really like them, but I’m starting to get better at them.

I used an internet pattern to learn short row heels and I wonder if there’s a pattern that someone would recommend that they’ve had good fitting heels with? Mine do not fit well, and stich out in back. Kinda. I did like making them, though, and found it quick. samm