First serious pair of socks

Size 11 socks finally completed. Knitted in the round on circular needles starting with 80 stitches per round. Sole knitted separately from top of foot and subsequently seamed together (I was following instructions for patterned socks). About 32,000 stitches in all. I have lost the label for the yarn but I think it was Wollmeise hand dyed twin sock yarn with 20% nylon.


Wow, those are beautiful!! :slight_smile:

Nice socks! What pattern did you use? I’ve been looking into socks with separate soles.

This is the pattern

The sole is not completely separate but doubtless could be made so with a little adaptation.

Over the top! Those are a gorgeous pair of socks, very professionally knit.


These socks are beautiful AND beautiful even stitching! I love knitting socks too however, I usually finish a pair per year that’s how long it takes me. But I’m also working other projects.

~ Quik

Gorgeous socks! :+1:

Oooh, gorg! I’m on the “first pair of serious socks” journey too, here’s the pattern for the ones I’m working on. It’s a Rowan pattern and it’s a free download! :slight_smile: What are you finding to be the most difficult bit? I can be pretty easily distracted so I always lose count at the heel 0_0

Those a wonderful looking socks, zingzang! Post a photo when you finish. We’d love to see them too.

Thank you for your kind remarks. I found mistakes difficult to correct initially because the knitting was quite tight and the yarn has multiple strands, making dropped stitches tricky to pick up cleanly, but I developed a way of dealing with this. My biggest mistake was my initial sewing of the side seams which were too bulky and when I tried to undo one I accidentally cut through part of the knitting itself. I finally adopted a technique I found on the net which I believe is known as a Bickford seam which gives a flatter finish. I used a Kitchener stitch to close the toe. My second sock went better than the first and I now have the confidence to tackle a knee length sock with a pattern.

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Very nice seam, indeed. I hadn’t seen this one before. Thank you for the technique.

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I really like the ball stitch for things like this. If you do it over just one strand of yarn, it’s very close to invisible, and I suspect that it may have more stretch in it than the Bickford seam.