First "real" FO

So, I have a horrid case of not finishing anything I start. I put my mind to making these pants for the new baby and I did it. It took about 2 weeks I think, but I’m pretty confident I can make another pair now. These are acrylic, but supposed to be made out of wool. Maybe the next pair.

looks good!

are you using them as diaper covers? cause acryclic will work fine… just needs to be washed more often and rotated more

Good for you! They are as cute as can be :slight_smile: Washable is good, machine wash is even better. I say go for the acrylic.

Diaper covers are the idea. I find I have a small problem knitting wool…I’ve yet to find stuff that’s not scratchy, and if I do, it’s super expensive…so I don’t mind using acrylic.

Super cute and washable, too! :cheering:

Oh how nice! If I could roll back the clock…I would’ve knit a dozen of these for my babies! They are just sooo cute!

cute :slight_smile:

Did you use bernat satin?

The yarn didn’t have the ball band. It was Bernat something…I almost want to say it was softee chunk.

Okay, just pulled up the website, and it was in fact softee chunk in the Nature’s Way colour. This makes sense since the pants came out bigger than I expected for the pattern used. I was supposed to use worsted and ended up using a bulky. That’ll teach me to not swatch LOL

Nice job :thumbsup: I like the striping effect in the yarn for that pattern!

I like the colour and the way the yarn has knitted up. Congratulations!

So cute! Longies are next on my list!

Congrats!!! They look great! Feels so good to finish something doesn’t it?

Way to go!!! Now get another project finished…hehehehe

Nice project for the coming baby and well done.