First Question from a Newbie - pM?

Hi all -

I’m a brand new knitter and have been helped so much by the videos on this site! I’ve also been lurking here for awhile.

For my very first little project I am trying to make the Spring Buds Facecloth from the free patterns on this site. Already I am baffled by an abbreviation. I’ve looked this up with no luck. In row 8, the pattern says to Sl 1, k3, pM … What in the heck is pM? Also, if pM is a kind of increasing, are you supposed to use that for the inc 4 sts across next 35 sts on that row as well?

Hope you can help!

Bea in Northern Virginia

it means place marker and it is there to help you see where the increase is going to be. :thumbsup:

Wow, you’re good … and so fast!

I love your signature.