First Projects

OK, somebody suggested a while ago (I’d give credit, but I have a notoriously bad memory and can’t remember who it was :oops: ) that we start a thread showcasing our first projects. Since I just happened to find mine today, I figured I’d go first. Please join in!!

My first projects were slippers. I couldn’t find any patterns that I really loved (this was before I saw the FT clogs - those are awesome!!) so I made up some of my own. Clockwise, a slipper knitted flat and then seamed at the toe and up the front in garter stitch, another one done the same way in a really pretty raspberry boucle that I love, my very first try at a Mary Jane style slipper done with some yarn left over from a blanket that I crocheted for DH a few years ago, and a badly executed (my increases were way off because I neglected to read the pattern correctly)version of the Pocketbook Slipper, which is what I ended up making almost everyone (scroll down to see what it looks like on - not so bad, really). In the background you can see my practice swatch of basketweave…
All of these were done in the first week I learned how to knit. I did a TON of stuff that first month, but almost all of it was given away for Xmas.

OK, everyone, let’s see em! Warts and all!

there’s mine. i think my eyes prolly bugged outta my head when i heard how much the yarn cost that i picked out for my very first project. as i recall it was $20 for the hank. yeah i am actually better at what i do know and i STILL haven’t bought yarn that expensive again. sheesh. AND i don’t even have it anymore…lol…i gave it as a gift. It took me longer to finish it than it should have only because after i bound off i couldn’t figure out what to do with that last loop. None of the videos i looked at showed what to do with it after you bind off. :rollseyes:

The first project that I didn’t frogged was a gigantic over 2m long grey scarf. Actually, I don’t even know were it is now…searches…hmm…nope, no scarf there :??
Acccording to a post over at craftster I began knitting this one two weeks after I began knitting and finished it a week later. Can’t really remember anything about it anymore(posted there on the 13. September).

My first projects were a dishrag, a purse, and a baby blanket :lol: had them going all at once… The dishrag is a doiley ?sp on my dinning table hodling a candle cause I won’t use it… The purse went to my lil girl cause it turned out smaller than what I thought it would and the first afghan I made went to her Memory chest she will get it when she turns 18…

:frowning: I can’t see the washcloth and bag. The pic is too dark :frowning:

:roflhard: I know… I looked and looked around to find out, and finally I just figured that all you did with the last st in crochet was to cut the yarn and pull it through, I’d give it a try - worked good enough for me!!!
Beautiful scarf, what a wonderful thing to create on your first try!

Javede, I love yours, too - it looks so comfy and snuggly…

Dustinac - I like the colors in that blanket…and are those bobbles???

:cheering: Thanks for sharing, everyone!

I’m sorry :frowning: wonder why it looks so dark on my screen it doesn’t… :??

punkhippiemom~ :lol: I haven’t done any bobbles yet but want to after seeing them on knitty gritty… I knitted flowers and butterflies and attached them on the afghan :lol:

Javede - Do you still have the pattern for that scarf? I think I’ll try it for my first project.

Weeeelll … judging by the blankey, I’m positive that your bag and cloth look splendid, simply splendid! :mrgreen:

When I started knitting I made myself knit through an entire skein of Red Heart before I was allowed to learn to purl. The result was a freakishly long scarf. I wouldn’t wear it or anything…but I just love how it looks awful at the beginning (right) and all nice and even at the end. Ah, progress!

:shock: Wow, you’re ruthless! And determined!!
That’s pretty neat, though, to have the whole thing in front of you to show yourself how far you’ve come…

What a neat thread!! Great idea! :slight_smile:

My very first project was a scarf for my daughter… she still loves the Barbie Pink in it. Then I knitted a baby blanket for a dear friend. They’re both knit with Red Heart yarns. :rofling:

My first project was a scarf & matching hat for my niece…I was ALL into the fun fur back then! It was that and LB Watercolors.

Kelly…she is sooooo cute!!! I would be knitting for her all the time!!!

Here’s my first project. I used fair isle for the whole vw part :smiley:

Thanks, Lis!! And she is ALL personality! :lol:

Hey, Beld! I remember that hat!!! :mrgreen:

It’s not really a pattern. I just casted on as much stitches as I liked(I think it’s about 17cm wide) and began to knit in stockinette for a few rows.
Then to create that stripe with the bumbs you purl a row instead of knit it and continue from there in stockinette. Hope that makes sense :wink:
But be careful, that way the scarf will curl in!

Love all your first projects! Much more colorful than mine :wink:

Hey beld - I made that hat for my boys! That was the first thing I made after the Christmas frenzy!!
I looove that pattern - it was the only one I could find that was done on straight needles - I hadn’t even seen a pair of circular needles at the time, let alone DPN’s :help:
Lemme see if I can dig them out :thinking:

Oh yeah, and KK - I can’t believe that was your first project - I remember seeing that little cutie baby :heart: doesn’t seem like that long ago :?? …

I’ve only been knitting since Janaury…