First project

I had my first beginner knitting class on Sat. and by sunday I was BORED just practicing the knit stitch. So, I looked on this website at the videos and learned the purl stitch - not hard at all.
Then I started doing a knit 3 purl 1 and that went fine :slight_smile:
So, I’m starting a dishtowel doing a pattern of knit 3, purl 1 down one row and then knit down the next and then start over.
I’ll wait for my next Sat. class to find out how to end the project. We weren’t supposed to learn the purl stitch til the next class but I get bored easily and want to LEARN and start knitting!!

Good for you…keep practicing and watching videos. There are videos on casting off or binding off…that will show you how to finish your project. I’m sure if you talk to the teacher after class…she (or he) can give you tips to keep you learning. There is so much info on this website, just keep investigating and you will progress quickly. Most of us started with dishtowels or scarves…so you are on the right road. Have fun.

Congrats! Knitting is very addictive, isn’t lol. Good luck with your dish towel!! :mrgreen:

Learn at your pace, not their’s.

Congrats! That’s great! I learned just on this sight alone. You’re going to do great. I agree with Knitting_Guy. You should go at your own pace not theirs. The last thing you want is to get bored of it. If you feel your ready to move on, go ahead. Good Luck!

Good for you! Geez, that does sound like a boring class. :slight_smile: Jump right in- there are videos on this site for every possible question, and lots of friendly helpful people in the forum.

I agree with you, Mason. I took a class, but was bored too and found this site. I continued the class just to have a real person to answer my questions and show me. Good luck and have fun.:woohoo: