First Project


I’m pretty new to knitting (as in, I’m teaching myself to knit and making a dishcloth), and I’m just wondering what your first project was when you started… And how soon did you move on to bigger projects (like a sweater or afghan or something like that?)?

I would like to try to make a sweater or afghan maybe, but I’m a little worried it won’t work out…

after I finally quit knitting a few rows and then ripping them out… I moved onto a dishrag, purse, and baby afghan… had them going all at the same time :rofl: then was a purse in the round… and then a sweater… I think the best way to take on knitting is just jump in with both feet… if it doesn’t work out then you can frog it or put it away till you are ready to look at it again… if you get stuck there is always someone here to answer your questions… :cheering:

I am currently almost finished with my first project, a 2x2 ribbed scarf. My next project will be a pair of socks.

I have been knitting since September’06 and started off with scarves. I have since made 6.5 scarves (one is still otn) and made 4 hats. Iam now only 2 inches away from finishing my first sweater. A very easy, and really cute pattern too. (tubey, link in the sig)

Afghans are a lot of time, but depending on the pattern, aren’t necessarily difficult… just never ending… best advice with an afghan is use 3 or 4 yarns held together, on huge needles, and it’ll knit up alot faster… but again, depends on the pattern. :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

My first project was a simple cloth. I moved on to a scarf, then a rug, then hand towels, then harder dishcloths, then an ugly sweater bag and then socks. I’ve got my second pair of socks OTN.

I started in June 2006, and each project I select is gradually harder. I plan on making more socks and a felted bag. Then, who knows!

I started with a scarf, then a dishcloth, then a felted bag. I knit my first sweater after 3 mos. Once you get the hang of the basic stitches you can do almost anything. :wink:

My first project was a 3x3 rib scarf. I’ve also knit a few washcloths, just to practice different stitches, and a small envelope bag. OTN currently is a hat, a 7x9 afghan square for Warm Up America (to learn cables), and a cardi for DD.
Oh, and I’ve been knitting for about 2.5 months.