First project

Here’s a pic of my first knitting project, a scarf! (You’re shocked, I can tell!)
I used one skein of Lion Homespun yarn and size 19 straight needles. The entire scarf is done in garter st. There’s one dropped stich way in the beginning probably the 8th or 9th row, but I saw it much later so left it as it is.

yay!! congrats on your first project!!! :smiley: My first project was a scarf too…only yours is prettier!! love the colors!..great job!! :hug: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

  • Rita M.

bea-U-tiful!! You’re a knitter now :eyebrow: !

looks great. I think scarfs are great projects to start with.

Love It!
And love your photograph. Well done, good lighting for the project.
Warm and inviting.

May whip up a couple myself for presents. :cheering:


Good Job!! :cheering:

:cheering: Congrats on your 1st project :cheering:

:cheering: Good job on your first project! Your stitches look even so they are screaming that you need to branch out onto something bigger! :cheering:

:heart: :heart: :heart:

That just looks scrumptious!! Congrats on your first FO!! :cheering:

Very nice! It looks so soft and warm!

That should be nice and warm! I love the color! :happydance:

That’s a terrific scarf for a first project, I AM shocked! :thud:

Looks very good! :slight_smile: :cheering:

So pretty!

Very nice. :cheering:

Thank you for your kind comments, everyone! It feels great to have a whole world of patterns in front of you 8)