First Project! WIP - Simple Chenille Throw

OK, enough practicing!!

I started last night with Lion Brand Chenille T&Q Wine and Dusty Blue. Not using a pattern. I CO 90, moss st for 4 rows, then st st for the body with 5 moss st boarder. Gauge is about 4 st / 1". I didn’t wait till my circs came :rollseyes: so I just CO as many ast the needle could handle that was a multiple of 10.

It will be a bit skinny, but will be soft and thick. I’ll get a pic of the yarn and my first few rows soon.

BTW - Chenille hides mistakes like no one’s business :lol: Great for a first project, but also difficult to see what stitch your supposed to do if you forgot the pattern!! We’ll see how it works out.


WTG, Wes! It’s good that you just jumped in there & began with your 1st project and your imagination :cheering: :cheering: You are going to become a fearless knitter :thumbsup: Can’t wait to see the pics

Good for you! Dive right in and see what happens! :wink:

Oh so jealous! I want to make a throw but have too many projects going right now to start.

Can’t wait to see pics of it!

Awesome! I can’t believe you got that many stitches on a needle! :shock:

Yeah, Jan, those stitches want to jump off that needle like a spring snake in a jar! :rofling: :rofling:

Well, I tried to get a couple of pics last night, but forgot that my Mac doesn’t like my SanDisk CF card. So the pics got erased instead of downloaded :frowning: I’ll take a few more tonight and get the first color stripe in here and you can let me know what you think!

I thought chenille would be a challange…I love the stuff!! Very fun to work with, slides over my bamboo. Only thing I don’t like is that you can’t always tell if you are working P or K in moss stitch due to how fuzzy it is.

Oh, and I was wrong about the colors when I posted yesterday. They are Bourduex and Periwinkle. Was at work when I made the post and was looking at the brand website to guess the color.

And thanks for words of encouragement!! Pics to come when I get home from work.


Here is pic… after 2 night’s working. almost done with the MC, starting CC after tonight i think. I love working with chenille, so easy and works out fast :smiley:

How snuggly does that look!! Luxurious–I can’t wait to see the colors together. :thumbsup:

Those colors look really nice. How long are you going to make it? I would like to make a throw.

Pretty!!! :thumbsup:

That’s lovely. I love the rich looking color, and chenille is so soft and snuggly. :mrgreen:

oh that looks so nice!

how in the world did you get all them stitches on those needles?! WOW

I want to make a throw…but i want a fast one so i need big circulars…hopefully I’ll get the set of Denise’s I asked for Christmas

:cheering: ohhh I love those colors!!! My mom knitted a scarf using this and its sooo soft I wanna do something with it just not sure what LOL :thumbsup: Great job!!

Update!! As I posted in General Knitting, I got my Boye Needle set today and put this throw on them. Now I can spread this thing out a bit and see how I’m really doing. Not bad…there are a few mistakes but nothing to frog over, so I’ll keep going. Below is a pics of how its going. Let me know what you think :thumbsup:

Take Care,

:heart: OMG that looks soooooo warm and cozy!!! You’re working fast!! :thumbsup:

I just love those colors! And it looks so snuggly and cozy. Awesome job!

Its coming along great job!!! I love the colors too :cheering: :thumbsup: