First project on Circular needles

Hi everyone I was able to do it. As a begining Knitter I finally completed my first project on Circular needles. A roll brim Hat. When I got to the point I needed to change to DP needles I asked for some help from a neighbour. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to give it a try. I think my next project may be an Afghan

Fannie, that looks fantastic!!! Great Job :cheering:

AWESOME!!! :balloons:

Looks great fannie! Aren’t circs great?!

Great job!

Yes I must say I enjoyed using the circular needles. I had a little trouble with the DP needles but if I use them again It should be easier. I have a great neighbour who helped me with the DP . She said the pattern called for me to go down to six stiches and she would have done it at maybe 12 easier to work with I guess

:cheering: :cheering: Fran, your hat looks FANTASTIC!! I’m so proud of you…and aren’t u proud of yourself?!..u sure should be :balloons: these are for u for a job that’s very well done!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: keep up the good work!! Don’t u just :heart: working with circs?
have a great, knitty day!!

Thank YOU sooooooooo much . I was nervous to post a photo since you guys are so good at this stuff . It gives me courage to tackle something else

Ooohh :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: Good job, chica! :thumbsup: Your hat is fah-bulous!

I STILL haven’t ventured into the world of circulars. :??


Great job!!!

I didn’t think I would like circs that much. After my first hat I haven’t knit with anything else!

looks loverly!!! :slight_smile: I like that pattern to reduce your stitches…mine didn’t have a pattern like that…

hmm…do I REALLY need another hat pattern??? heheheh…

Your hat is adorable! I can hardly wait to get my Denise’s in the mail so I can finallly attempt a hat of my own. It looks like fun! :smiley:

Great job!! And welcome to the dark side! (You know, us crazy circular lovers.)
This calls for a DANCING BANANA!

HEY!!! I want a dancing banana!!! :mad:

And a dancing banana for Kelly… because… well, just because! :slight_smile: