First project help please

I am a new knitter and about to start my first project. I think I’d like to do a garter stitch scarf to start. But I want to do it in 2 colors. Is this possible and if so how do I do that? I cannot find a pattern like that.
I am doing chocolate brown and pink. I cannot find a skein of yarn with these two colors in it, so I had to buy to seperate colors.
Thank you.

Just change colors by starting to knit with the new color. You can weave in the ends when you are done. :wink:

[color=indigo]If you use large needles, you can use one strand of each color at the same time. If you change colors at intervals, you are really creating stripes, and will likely have to cut 1st color yarn, start the 2nd color, then cut that when you return to 1st color. It sounds complicated, but really isn’t. But, using 2 yarns at same time is easier.

Many good scarf patterns HERE.

Not to worry though; either way, you’ll do fine. :hug:

Grace and Peace,

Landolphe [/color]

Hello there, I am very new too and just wanted to point out the technique videos on this site are brilliant, play them over and over until you feel confident to give them a go you will find them at the top of every page and I am sure there is one on using 2 different coloured yarns.

Post a pic when you have made a start I and so many others will love to see it in the what cha knittin section of the forum.