First project finished

I finally finished my first project, a scarf. And I wanted to share it with everyone since you were all so great in helping me get started. Thanks for all the help.
All comments welcome!

[color=green]It looks great! I love the colors.

The sides are so even! Not so with my first scarf…my first scarf turned out loppy on the sides. [/color]

thank you so much. I tried really hard to keep the tension perfect. Me and tension don’t get along.

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[color=indigo]That’s a beautiful scarf! :cheering: How about posting close-up pix to show the stitch pattern?


This scarf was done totally in knit stitch. If you would still like me to post an up close photo I will.

Great job! Congrats on finishing your first project!

Great job!

Knit on, chere, knit on! :hug:

Great work–I love the colors!

Thank you all so much for your kind words. I really like knitting, I just hope it gets easier lol.


I am working on my next project. I have had to restart it 4 times now due to errors. But I keep trying.


I promise you it will get easier. :thumbsup:

When I first began knitting I got so aggravated, I’d throw my needles across the room. It seemed like I was never going to get it. :wall: I kept coming here, seeking help, and plugging away at it. I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself “accomplished” now :mrgreen: , but I have so much more confidence, and am even thinking along the lines of creating my own pattern for something I want but can’t find. I NEVER thought I’d ever even contemplate such a thing! :shock:

Your scarf is lovely, and I’m sure you’re loving the sense of accomplishment. :smiley:

You are right Renna. I do love the feeling of accomplishment I got from this scarf.

And I am stubborn and hard headed so I know that eventually, I will get the hang of it all.

With each new project I do I try to learn and/or practice a new stitch.
My current project is easy, but it is my first time trying to read and follow a pattern. That is a lot harder then I thought it would be.

It is all knit and purl stitches which I can do, but I keep getting confused and so I knit when I should purl or purl when I should knit. And I get mad easily.

But I won’t give up!

It is all knit and purl stitches which I can do, but I keep getting confused and so I knit when I should purl or purl when I should knit. And I get mad easily.

I can SO identify, and am so thankful I didn’t give up, because I’m now utterly addicted to knitting. :happydance:

looks terrific

Don’t you just love the feeling when you bind off that last stitch and your “WIP” becomes an “FO”???

Congratulations on your first of many to come, I’m sure!! Isn’t this site great? Both the videos and the people are sooooooo helpful. :muah:

i agree 100 % about this site. The videos aren’t much help because I have dial up so it takes them over 3 hours to load up. But the people are great!!!

Wow, I like the bright colours! :inlove:
What an amazing first project!

I can’t see your picture, but congratulations!

I can’t see your picture, but congratulations![/quote]

lol… below hopeless_one’s writings, there is a blank spot right? Click in the blank spot somewhere and you should be able to find the clickable link :wink: uhhh… which is…NOT FOUND!?

It used to be visible lol, don’t know what happened to the link :shrug:

I am not sure what is wrong with the picture. I shows up fine for me but I have now uploaded the picture directly to the forum so there should be no more problems.

Thanks so much.

What a beautiful scarf-the colors are so bright and cheery!

I have sympathy for the dial up, but you could see the videos any way if you wanted to buy Amy’s DVD-I think its only $20. A lot cheaper than super speed internet anyway! LOL (nayy-I just love her online videos and think it’s a worthy purchase)

Keep at it-I agree, it gets WAAAYYYY easier!