First Project Attempt

Okay, I have learned how to cast on, do both a knit and purl stitch, slip a stitch, and bind off… So now I want to try to make something other than a square or rectangle and that has some purpose for being.

Being as I am a guy, there seems to be very limited options in the pattern department for beginning projects. I neither want nor desire a scarf, shaw, or afgan. Sooooo, it looks like I may have to make a dish towel; which in and of itself isn’t too exciting but as I said I have no need for a scarf. As slow as I, what you ladies tend to call knit and which I have decided to refer to as Marlin Spike Seamanship, this may take me six months to finish.

Now I need to find a store that carries cotton yarn instead of this acrylic stuff I bought at Micheals, and a pattern that only uses the things I know so far.


You’re funny! :roflhard:

Dishcloths and dishtowels are useful. If you got very energetic you use your new Marlin Spike Seamanship skills and make placemats… :lol:

Anyway, cotton yarn can be found at Michaels, Joanns, etc… Sugar and Cream cotton abounds at places like that… I will warn you now that knitting with cotton is a little harder. It’s doesn’t have any stretch so it’s sometimes harder on the hands. Suzeeq says bigger needles help.

Do you want to attempt a pattern or are you going to wing it?

I concur. My mother mostly only ever knits dish cloths and gives them away as xmas gifts etc. I never had to buy a dishcloth we have so many. Now I’ve made my first one and given it to my boyfriend lol.

Wing it?.. Are you kidding me :poke: I’d like to be able to recognize what ever it is that I finish. Me winging it would be akin to looking at modern art. While I’m sure somebody would say they understand it, the majority (me included) would be saying “What the hell is it?”

I love to knit hats… mostly because I’m not a fan of purling, they’re fast, fun and easy. Just a thought :o)

I’ve only made one dishcloth, and it’s never been used… I have this weirdness in my mind about intentionally getting something I’ve made dirty. It’s the main reason I will never EVER knit a soaker - I’m not going to knit something just for a kid to pee on.


Okay, you didn’t ask, but here’s a few dishtowel patterns that are pretty easy.

Here’s a whole load of dishcloth patterns, you might want to start with them. There’s a lot of different stitch patterns that will get you used to pattern reading and making ‘fancy’ stitches or pictures with the knit and purl sts. You can make them twice as wide and 3 times the length for towels.

Peacheas and Cream can be found at walmart and there’s several kinds of cotton yarn at Joann’s and Michaels too. You can usually get 2 dishclothes out of one ball, so for a towel you’d need only 2.

You can also knit mesh grocery bags too, if you get bored with towels and want to try something in the round. They only take a ball of the dishcloth cotton.

Knitting in the round confuses the heck out of me, plus all the “jargon” on patterns is like Chinese for me. :confused: I fear I’ll never do anything past garter stitch lol.

Sure you will. What you can do is take left over yarn and just play with it. You’ve got garter stitch down, so do a few rows of it, then purl a row. Knit the next row, purl the one after that and keep alternating a knit and a purl row. Now you have stockinette. You can look at the decreases and Increases pages and practice some of them like the sampler that’s shown on them.

Thanks S :slight_smile:

Hi All,

Well I honestly did think about a hat, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that just yet; and uhmmm, I don’t think I want to know what a soaker is… I’ll just skip over that.

Now who would of ever thought that a dishcloth would rate it’s own webpage let alone five pages?!? Wow! you learn something new everyday. I think I may have a pattern picked out so I need to study it and see if I can do this…Let’s see it’s March which is roughly eight months to the year end, if I start now… we will see, I’ll try to have a finished towel before 2011.


OR… you could knit squares for an afghan!

Yes… but what need does does the average person from Afganistan need with a square?? :clink:



Thanks for the smiles this morning! Don’t be afraid of trying something new. I learned everything I know about knitting from Amy’s videos and the wonderful knitters on this site. Now that I also have my knitting guild ladies, I can knit anything!

How will the person from Afghanistan know they are in the center of town if there is no square? :??

I’ve seen your photos. Your tension is good. Just take the leap & learn to purl. Lotsa good videos to help you along. You can do it.

Dadnlex, dishcloths are a good starter project. Before you know it you’ll be ready to tackle that hat.

I will, real soon. :slight_smile:

:hair: :hair: :grrr: :wall: AAAAAAHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG…

It’s a stupid dish towel… This is the fourth time I have had to start over…