First post with a fo and some questions

well as the title says this is my first post here so hello all. :slight_smile:
these are my finished fingerless gloves.

sorry for the blinding neon seafoam green border its kind of my little onto the questions my first one is what does peruvian highland wool or most wool feel like? and do you all know of any good yarn shops in the Chicago land area? the closer to Waukegan the better :mrgreen:

Hi Saoirse,

I’m relatively new to this site as well, and I’ve found it be quite lovely. Welcome! Cute fingerless gloves!

I’ve knit with Quatro by Cascade Yarns which is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool and it’s super soft. Though I guess it depends on what level of sensitivity you have to wool. I personally love knitting with wool and wool blends.

In terms of the yarn shop question I’ve used the Sweater Babe directory before when looking for yarn shops while traveling:

Thanks I knitted for one of my friends. :slight_smile:

Ahh I see :slight_smile: thank you for the link,shame all of the shops near me are closed to the internet!.

Welcome to Knitting Help, this is a great site.

Can’t help you with shops in Illinois, since I’m in Oregon. You might try Google-ing your request, I found the two neatest LYS’s that way.

Greetings and salutations! :waving:

(No, I have no idea why something from [U]Charlotte’s Web[/U] would pop into my head this morning.)

For knitting shops, if you go to the “Knitters Knear You” section of this forum, there’s a stickied thread for US yarn stores. In the first post, there’s a link to a map. (hope the links work!)