First post; Newbie question

I just started knitting a few weeks ago, and have made a scarf, a hat, and I’m working on another hat now. For my next project I want to make this scarf to match my hat. It looks super simple, but their is one thing that I don’t understand. What does it mean to Knit in front and back of each stitch. I know it’s probably something very simple, and I have done a search, but I just can’t find anything on it. Can someone help me? TIA!!!:hug:

That is an increase of one stitch. Under the banner click the “increase” logo. And it had pictures & video.

Oh, this is the scarf. I assume it’s ok to post on here? It’s a free pattern.

LOL Sorry, have to have 2 posts to post a link.

Kfb stands for knit front & back. You knit into the front of the stitch & pull the loop thru to the right needle without removing the old stitch. Then go & knit into the back of the same stitch & slide the old stitch off the left needle. Now you have 2 stitches instead of the one you started with.

There are several ways to work increases. And it is easier to see it in action. Click under the increase banner. About half way down, you will find kfb. Click for the video.

Just in case the banner isn’t showing up for you. Here is the link.

It’s also called a bar increase (Thanks Jan and Marigold for schooling me way back when). It gets easier the more you do it and that is a lovely scarf.

You can post the link, but not an entire pattern. Even when they’re free, they’re still someone else’s work.

But for this increase, we don’t need to know anymore than knit in front and back of the next stitch. Each stitch has two legs, one over the front of the needle that you usually knit into, and one over the back. So to do this, knit into the front leg but leave it on the needle and move the Right needle to the back leg and knit into that one too. There’s two new sts on the R needle and you can drop the old one off the Left as usual.