First post! Beginning knitter - Dishcloths

Not sure if I’d added the pic correctly

Welcome to the board!! You did a great job on those dishclothes! :slight_smile:


they look great! welcome to KH- a very nice bunch of knitters “live” here…

Those look great!

Nice Job! Welcome! :muah:

Great job! dishclothes are a lot of fun to knit. Welcome! :cheering:

:waving: Welcome to KH! Your cloths are lovely :cheering:


I, too, love to knit dishcloths. I found a GREAT site and a yahoo group for dishcloths.

The freebies are here:

and you just join her yahoo group for the instructions. She’s always coming out with new freebies…and they’re so fun to knit!


(if this post breaks any rules…please feel free to remove it and I apologize!!)

Edit: forgot to say your dishcloths are GREAT!!! I LOVE the “grandma’s favorite” pattern…so easy to just work on without thinking."


your diagonal one looks fab! mine looked all whopper-jawed and wonky. :oops:

Excellent job! Wish my beginning projects looked that good…

I wish my beginning projects were that good too!

I especially like the 3rd dishcloth. :cheering:

those were the first 2 dishcloth patterns I made too. :cheering:

Dishcloths are a great beginner project. My beginner project was a scarf that taught me the beginner basics but was butt ugly. I’ll never wear it. Your dishcloths will be very useful.

:balloons: [color=green]Welcome to the world of knitting. [/color]

:cheering: :cheering: You did such a great job on those dishcloths!! :cheering: :cheering:

I’ve never made dishcloths. I thought someone here on KH told me it should be in wool? But I saw a pattern today that said to use 100% cotton yarn. What are the rules there?

Great job! Welcome to KH!

Great dishcloths ! :cheering: