First Pattern

Well here is a picture of the fisrt thing I have knitted from a pattern that I have designed, I will post a link to the pattern as soon as possible. :?? However I can e-mail it to people if they want it. :lol:
I had to design this for a school bag project (I hate school sewing machines). I was so pleased when I found out I was allowed to knit it! :happydance:

Very cute!

too cute!!

Very cute!

Its candy corn right ??? :smiley:

Wonderful colors! Great job! :thumbsup:

What do you mean by candy corn?

Go to the link to my site in my signature and the pattern for the bag is there.

or follow this link:

LOL !!! Fudgie !!! They are the same colors !!! HEHEHE :heart:

My bestfriend is addicted to the stuff and when I saw the bag I thought of her favorite food :blush:

I didn’t mean to offend ya !! :wink: