First pattern attempt...probably a silly question

I found a simple looking pattern for an afghan online, and it says “entire afghan is knitted with 2 strands of a color worked together.” Does this mean i’ll be working with two strands at a time the whole time? How do I get the two strands out of the same ball of yarn?

Can ya tell I’m really new at this? lol! :eyes:

Yes, it means you are using two strands at one time. You could use both the inside and outside strand, but I don’t recommend that. It tends to tangle easily. You’ll need to use two skeins of yarn. These two will also get somewhat tangled so untangle them occasionally.

After looking at this pattern closer, I’ve got more questions…
First strip:

1With 2 strands of Color A, cast on 31 stitches.
2Knit row (right side).
3Knit 1 stitch and purl 1 stitch, and knit 1 across row.
4Knit row.
5Repeat Step 3.
6Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have worked 34 rows, ending with Step 3. Cut Color A. [COLOR=“Lime”]Do they mean to cut the working yarn off?? This seems to contradict what I’m picturing…It seems like I’d start a new color rather than cut this one off.[/COLOR]
7With Color B, repeat Steps 2-6 for 34 rows. Cut Color B.
8Repeat Steps 2-6 using Color A.
9Repeat Step 7.
10Repeat Step 8.
11Repeat Step 7.
12Repeat Step 8.
13Bind off as if to knit. [COLOR=“lime”]Not sure I understand this…I’ve practiced binding off, but not sure what they mean “bind off as if to knit”[/COLOR]

If I’m reading steps right (and i’m sure i’m not), steps 1-7 will give me individual squares of each color…

Yes, it appears that they afghan is to be knit in different colored blocks. The double strand you referred to in the first post is two strands of the same color for that block. It wants you to cut color A because you will be starting a new color. Believe me when I say that it will be easier if you cut it. Cut it with enough length left over to weave in later.

In regard to your second question…it says to bind off as if to knit because sometimes a pattern requires you to bind off in pattern. For example, if you were working in a rib pattern, you would want to bind off in a rib patter, other wise your edge would look funny.

I hope that helps… :slight_smile:

it says “size 13 needles or size necessary to obtain guage” What’s it mean to obtain gauge??

Oh ok! So i’ll make a bunch of squares, and then seam them all together with a yarn needle?

I’m sorry about all the remedial questions, but all the books I’ve seen seem to assume that the reader has knowledge of basic concepts that I haven’t grasped yet

I’m sorry, I guess I explained that poorly. You will be knitting just one large afghan, all in one piece. When it says to cut color A and pick up color B, you just start knitting with Color B. Under Basic Techniques, there are a number of videos on how to join new colors.

In terms of gauge, most patterns require to you knit to gauge, otherwise the resulting piece won’t be the correct size. Try this link to explain it a bit better

Ok, i’ve reviewed a few of the videos in the Basic Techniques section but i’m afraid i’m not sure which technique of joining two colors will work best for this project. Thanks so much for all your helpful answers!!