First Pair of Socks!

I finished my first pair of socks :)…

GREAT job!! Those look wonderful! Love the colors! :inlove:

wow, those socks are beautiful and i dont believe for a second they are your first pair :stuck_out_tongue:
just kidding, i love the colours :slight_smile:
self striping yarn?

They are wonderful! I’m still struggling with my first sock, so I hope they turn out as good as yours…eventually…

Cute cute cute! Nice yarn too

Thanks a bunch everybody! Yes, it’s self striping yarn, and I got it on clearance, too (or closeout, I don’t remember which). Good luck knitting! :slight_smile:

That makes it even sweeter. Very nice work on the socks!

Very pretty socks! Great job!

Your socks look fantastic! Good job.